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Athens locals are finding a new way to get in shape, without joining a gym. Many boutique fitness studios have started up in the community.


Some locals have decided to kick going to the gym out of their schedule. Small fitness studios are bringing in clients everyday. 9round Athens is 9 rounds of 30-minute kickboxing. When you here the beep, you’re onto the next round. However, the average membership at a large gym can start as low as 20 dollars per month and a membership at 9round starts at 69 dollars per month. Owner Tony Miller says at smaller fitness studios clients will always know what to do.

“We are going to make sure you get your workout and you’re not just walking around trying to figure out what to do.”

At Orange Theory Athens, clients also get a different workout experience with instruction. It’s a one-hour total body workout with a trainer. Everyone’s heart rate is monitored throughout the workout, so they can try to reach the “orange zone”. An average membership here is around 59 dollars per month.

Though it may seem like picking up weights and hitting the gym on your own might be a more affordable option. Local UGA student Nick Carrier says, its worth a few extra bucks to spend on small boutique fitness shops ,like orange theory, because of the one on one help you’re going to receive.

“You’re going to get a better workout with a trainer pushing you no matter what than you would going by yourself to a gym.”

Others are becoming part of the tribe. At Tribe Fitness in Athens, they also take the personal training approach. Clients are matched up with a group trainer that best fits there personality. A monthly membership here starts at 149 dollars per month. Founder of Tribe Clint Watson, says it’s it is a decision of quality versues quantity.

“The large gym approach is all just a quantity approach. It’s lets sign as many members up as we can and then lets just hope they all don’t show up at the same time.”

Watson admits the personal training approach taken at Tribe and other fitness studios in Athens is not for everyone. A person who isn’t serious at acheiving their fitness goals must way out the costs. For some joining a large gym still might be a better option, but for many other locals, spending some extra money to recieve more one training is worth it. Leah La Rosa, Grady Newsource.

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