UGA Professors Oppose New Campus Carry Bill


In the next two days, representatives have to make a change in Bill 859 or Governor Deal might say no deal. John Soloski, a Professor of Journalism in the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, knows all too well about the ramifications of firearms landing in the wrong hands. At his previous institution, three of his peers were shot and killed when a graduate student brought a firearm on campus and opened fire. Soloski believes that this incident could not have been avoided, even if campus carry was legal.

“Those faculty members having a gun, would not have been able to stop that,” said Soloski.

Georgia House Bill 859, would allow just that, the ability to carry firearms on campus if a person obtains a concealed carry license. In order to do so, an individual must be 21 years of age and undergo a background check. Gun would not be allowed in dorms, greek houses or at athletic events.

Although the bill has passed through both the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate, the final ruling lies with Governor Nathan Deal. That decision, according to UGA professor Barry Hollander, could carry dire consequences.

“All it takes is a failing grade, all it takes is a disagreement with a professor over an F. And something awful is going to happen,” warns Hollander.

Students and professor make last minute efforts to end this bill, with a protest. The protest took place Wednesday night on campus.

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