Teacher raises $30,000 for local community


By: Damisi Fawole

Kristi Schaller goes beyond her duties as a teacher by helping not only her students, but her community. She uses a semester-long group project to raise money for the poor, homeless and disadvantaged. For at least 8 years, Schaller has helped the Athens people through her Small Group Communications classes.

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(Above:Dr. Schaller returning grades back during a group project)

The project requires each group of 5 students to raise $1000 for a different non-profit organization. Last semester, her class raised over $8000. Dr. Schaller teaches students how to work well in groups while connecting them to their local community.

“Whether they’re working with a group or they’re just working with coworkers on a daily basis, you’re going to learn how to deal with people,” Dr. Schaller explains.

Dr. Schaller knows that students may not like the project at the time, but she keeps doing it because of how it affects those outside the classroom.


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