An IT Specialist Warns Students After Major Cyber Attack on UGA Network


Students raiSyrian.hackersed concerns this week after a major cyber attack crashed the University of Georgia network.

The cyber attack was determined that it had originated from an outside source and was isolated quickly. No faculty or student information was compromised despite the network being down for four hours. In a mass email Vice President of Technology Timothy Chester apologized for the disruption and said they would work to prevent these attacks from happening in the future.

UGA IT Professional Michael Campell reminds students how to ensure their own cyber safety throughout the year.

Don’t click on links from email addresses you aren’t familiar with.

Proof read messages from email addresses claiming to be from a UGA office.

and as a rule of thumb Campell says, “If it sounds strange, it probably is.”

The best way to prevent your personal account or computer from suffering from a cyber attack is to forward and report emails to

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