A day full of “THANKS-giving”


By Jaylon Thompson

What started as a day of gratitude, quickly turned into a celebration for some of UGA’s biggest supporters.

“Thank a Donor Day”, hosted by the Student Alumni Council, created an early buzz outside the Tate Student Center.  Students started lining up at 9 o’clock to show their appreciation for the alumni that came before them.

They weren’t alone.

Student organizations and distinguished faculty also stopped by to sign their name in appreciation. Perhaps the biggest name in attendance was UGA President Jere Morehead, who praised the efforts of the council for putting on the event.

“It’s an absolutely great event for the University of Georgia,” Morehead said. “Our supporters love it when our students thank them for all the support they provide our university. Without our donors, we wouldn’t have the scholarship programs that we have or the need-based programs.”

The 5th annual event allowed students to create video messages, write poster notes and interact with those on campus. Students were also treated with a free t-shirt and snacks just for participating.

For student, Kiara Bailey, her appreciation stretches further than an annual event. The alumni donations have helped put her through college.

“I’ve gotten three scholarships in the past two years,” Bailey said. “It means a lot as I have done great things with those scholarships.”

Each year, the donations from UGA alumni have allowed current UGA students to matriculate and thrive on campus. According to President Morehead, the relationship students and donors is steadily increasing. And that makes giving a little appreciation each year worthwhile.

“They seem very enthusiastic and I can sense the excitement building,” Morehead said.

And the organizers say that they hope that excitement continues to build in the coming years.

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