Making East Athens Biker-Friendly


By: Nylah Oliver

The East side of Athens is getting a little more friendly– bike friendly that is.

Local cyclists and commuting students expressed their concerns for the lack of bicycle lanes on College Station Rd. and the city is addressing those fears.


Construction Project Coordinator Jeff Squires says the College Station bridge construction is “something that’s been in the works for quite a while…over a year now.” Development on the bridge is extending its plan to include bike lanes from Research Dr. to Barnett Shoals Rd.

The changes being made will widen each side of the road in order to add additional bike lanes for riders.  University of Georgia student Garrison Gay is especially pleased with the plan, “I really feel like bike lanes are important because it gives you that added sense of security when you’re on the road.”


Bikers anticipate the arrival of the new roads and are looking forward to the bike lane completion next year.








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