Staying Safe at Night


For the second time in two weeks, a student was downtown.  The most recent, on the morning of April 10th, occurred on West Hancock as she was walking to a friends house.  Police are urging people to take extra steps of caution when going downtown.

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“I live right next to campus so I walk home a lot when it’s dark but I always try to stay in the light or have my phone near me in case anything happens,” said Becca Ray.

There are several things that can be done to lower your chances of becoming victim.  Local police have several tips on their websites to inform citizens on how to stay safe when commuting on foot at night.  University of Georgia police encourages students to never walk alone at night, avoid poorly lit streets, and to always be aware of your surroundings.

“Its always important to be cognizant of those around you,” said Captain Mark Sizemore of the Athens-Clarke Police Department.

There are resources on the UGA Police Department’s website that offer tips to help those commuting on foot stay safe and to help prevent crime.



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