Office of Sustainability Promotes Bike Riding for Earth Week


A big day is coming up this Friday, April 22. It’s Earth Day and a lot of local University of Georgia students and organizations are getting together to help the environment and promote biking around Athens.

Even in the busy rush of getting to class on time, one UGA student, Jacob Harden, says the best option to get is riding a bike.

“Biking is actually the best way to transport, not just because it cuts down on energy use or fossil fuels that’s a great argument for it. It’s just a lot of fun and it’s just the best way to see any city.”

The Office of Sustainability is celebrating Earth Week by showing UGA students how they make small changes. Local residents got together for a bike ride around the city.

One of the riders, Izzy Zucker, said it was a way to give thanks to the everyday things and to show that changes can be made “very simple and very tangible ways and you don’t have to completely alter your lifestyle” to help your environment out.

Jason Perry, Program Director at the Office of Sustainability,

shares his definition of sustainable which is “making lifestyle choices within your means.”

He has one challenge for college students.

“Make one small change in your week to reduce your need to use a single occupancy vehicles.”

The UGA office of Sustainability will continue to hosts events around campus including nighttime yoga, campus runs, and volunteer activities to inspire locals to get involved in their own communities.

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