Bark for Life


A local organization created a fundraising event focused on barking. Local canines enjoyed a day in the sun and music that’ll have you on four legs all to raise money for a local charity.

Dogs on Saturday enjoyed a day in the sun all about them. Some of these dogs are not used to enjoying a day to themselves because they are Canine Caregivers. They spend long days taking care of those who need it the most: individuals affected by cancer.

“I’ve had Tucker for about three years, I got him from a rescue I worked at three years ago and he came in as a little puppy and he found his way to my house,” says Kaylen Gilstrap, Bark For Life guest.

Canine Caregivers ast as service dogs and even therapy dogs, but some individuals affected by cancer lack days of just relaxation with their companions. This is due to the dogs being left out of Relay for Life events due to the harm they can bring to other individuals affected by cancer.

“At relay events we are not allowed to have pets because you know we have survivors that join us and with their immune system being down it kind of compromises having pets, so this event allows us to have our canine caregivers to join us,” says Natalie Peck, Community Manager for Relay For Life.

To the organization’s leaders, this event’s impact on the community is the most important thing to them because it gathers beyond the organizations initiative while also informing others of the affects of cancer and cancer research.

“I think that it just pulls in a new group of people to find awareness of Relay and what we do at the American Cancer Society,” says Amy Richardson, Senior Manager of Athens Augusta Relay for Life.

Bark for life is only a portion of the fundraising efforts done by Relay For Life. The amount raised at this year’s event goes towards relay For Life’s total. So far UGA Relay For Life participants have raised over $136,730 and Clarke County participants alone have raised over $47,130, according to each respective website.

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