He’s Back in Athens to Run For School Board



ATHENS, Ga. — Kamau Hull is back in his hometown. He graduated from Cedar Shoals High School in 2000, and now he’s running for the school board’s 8th District seat to help improve his alma mater.

If you ask why you should vote for him, he’ll tell you, “I was born here, I was raised here and I came back to serve.”

His office is across the street from his old high school rival — Clarke Central High School — but that only serves to remind him of how much pride he has in his school and his school district.

“There was a tremendous sense of pride that was a result of coming from a national school of excellence,” he said of Cedar Shoals.

But, perhaps some of that pride has been lost with recent events.

“I was devastated … That child could’ve easily been somebody that was related to me. So, just, as a parent, it heightens your level of concern, your level of disbelief, and it just doesn’t give you any good feelings about the prospects of what’s occurring in our schools.”

But, Hull also said that running for school board is a way to help out the community and school he grew up in.

“I think as a board member I would be the perfect person to bring that pride back to the forefront of everyone’s minds,” he said.

The school board election is May 24. You can check your voter registration status on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website.

By Dillon Richards

You can find our coverage of Hull’s opponent, Dr. John Knox, here.

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