UGA Professor Running for School Board


As registering for voting ends today, John Knox hoped to pick up a few last voters by hosting a voter registration drive in downtown Athens.

This is important to Knox, the University of Georgia professor, because he is running for District 8 school board.

“Who’s the better candidate? I would say at this time, Clarke County Board of Education with serious issues on the table, deep concerns in the community, and a lack of trust, you want somebody that has served on boards forever,” said the candidate.

He says he has two major advantages over his opposing candidate, Kamau Hull.

“Well, what I am running on is experience and excellence. The other thing I would say, that my students as well as my colleagues would tell you, nobody outworks me. I would do the same thing as a board member.”

For now, Knox is focusing on getting the voters registered and secured votes. Voting will take place May 24.

By Jessi Young

You can find our coverage of Knox’s opponent here.


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