UGA student building a kingdom among Athens Youth


By Annie Wimbush

What started out as just an idea for one UGA sophomore turned into more than he could imagine. His vision was to create a mentorship program for young black males and each week he has the opportunity to sit down with “Young Black Kings.”

Mansur Buffins started “Young Black Kings” when he wanted to make a change in the Athens community, specifically at Clarke Middle School. He mentored there his freshman year and saw that there was a lack of motivation.

Photo Credit: Online Athens

“African American males in schools, especially in middle schools…it’s rough,” said Buffins.

In the program Buffins, along with other UGA mentors, meet with these boys once every week for two hours. But it is more than just an after school program, they teach them things about self pride and exactly what it means to be a young African American male.

Outside of the classroom, Buffins and the other mentors have taken the boys on field trips and even have hopes to expand it to not only men but to females as well one day.

Buffins hasn’t just left his mark at Clarke Middle School but also at UGA. Megan Pendleton, Assistant Director of Multicultural Services and Programs, describes him as being incredibly passionate and all around stand out student.

“I think Mansur has done a really amazing job at one having a goal and going out and doing it,” Pendleton said. ” he has done so by just by connecting with the Clarke County school administrators and saying hey I want to do it.”

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