Mental Illness and Guns


By: Nylah Oliver

University of Georgia students are urging Governor Nathan Deal to veto House Bill 859 which could allow individuals to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Students dressed in red, white, and black marched through downtown Athens in opposition– they believe that carrying guns on campus cannot go hand in hand with the emergence of mental illnesses.

UGA Professor Schwaneflugel believes, “The age that most of the undergraduates are at this university…is an age where mental illness starts to take place and people do not understand what is going on in their heads.”

Some are fearful that students who are unaware that they may have a mental illness can put others at greater risk if Bill 859 is passed. According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, 37% of students 21-25 years old have some variation of a mental illness.


Governor Deal has until May 3rd to either pass or veto Bill 859.


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