Redneck Beach Dangerous E. Coli Levels


A popular Athens swimming hole called “Redneck Beach” has been criticized for health reasons recently. Our reporter, Elizabeth Reid, got the water tested herself and found high levels of e. coli in the water.

Despite finding the high levels of contamination, this “beach” is still a popular spot where Athens locals enjoy the outdoors. UGA’s star quarterback, Greyson Lambert even likes to enjoy the area.

” We just wanted to bring our dog out here, swim a little bit, there’s a rope swing, we wanted to do some fishing.”

Some visitors think the opposite, saying the water is the most “disgusting contaminated water there is.”

Our reporter, Elizabeth Reid took the test sample UGA’s environmental research lab and met with Dr. Uttam Saha for further examination. He took us into a testing lab and explained a simple water testing process. First, the water sample is mixed with fast-growing bacteria solution. Then, the mixture is compressed and put under a fluorescent light. If the sample turns yellow, the water sample contains e. coli. After a 24 hours, we received the test sample results. It showed high levels of e. coli and coliform.

Dr. Saha says, “If e.coli get above 235 it’s dangerous for swimming.”

The water tested from “Redneck Beach” had levels higher than 235 and that makes the water unsafe for swimming and recreation.


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