College Students Turned Business People


Many college students are always looking for a way to make a few bucks. Some UGA students took this concept a step further, and created their own businesses.

Students have a pretty large campus to get around at the University of Georgia campus,  but some students have no car to get around with. Justine Avoudikpon, a third year finance student, created an app called Swifte that allows students to share rides at a low price. This in turn reduces gas use, pollution, and the number of cars on the road. The app benefits students who need away to get around, while also paying those who are willing to offer these rides.

Justine isn’t the only student with a business. Adam Johnson is another studenmoney-tips-for-grads-iStockphotot who took initiative and brought a business to life. Johnson runs a painting business through College Works painting. He offers estimates to people who are looking to have their houses painted.

These  are only a couple of students that have brought their business ideas to life. Although many students still favor traditional jobs, you will still find quite a few who decided to become their own boss.

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