Athens’ Ciné celebrates nine year anniversary


Ever since its foundation in April of 2007, Ciné has cemented itself as a cinematic staple for film lovers in Athens. Now, the theater is set to celebrate its ninth birthday with a month-long series of films that embody the vision of Ciné.

The series will include six films of incredible diversity, spanning from award-winning animated films to films that will feature guest speakers to explain certain technological developments within the film industry.

Dave Marr, Co-president of the Athens Film Arts Institute, a non-profit board that runs the administrative side of Ciné, recognizes that this theater is the only place in Athens that can expose audiences to this kind of variety in film.

“The films that were brought in were the kinds of things that people had been unable to see here in theaters and really desperately wanted to,” Marr said.

While the theater was originally developed to showcase independent and smaller-budget films, Ciné ran an opening-night showing of the DC film, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on March 24. This was the first time in Ciné’s nine-year history that a major motion picture was shown at the theater on its opening night.

Visit Ciné’s website for more information on the nine year anniversary and for specific show times of the films being showcased in the month of April.

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