UGA Blood Battle


This years UGA Red Cross is out for blood, literally.

Members of the UGA Red Cross are dancing and passing out flyers at Tate Plaza in hopes that they entice you go donate blood at this years Blood Battle against Auburn. Georgia fell short to Auburn last year, so this year they revamped their marketing strategies in an effort to reach this years goal of three-hundred and forty-five units of blood.  That amount of blood can help in providing over one-thousand people in need of a blood transfusion.

Sarah Ellen Williams, UGA Red Cross, Chief Marketing Officer, says that while “beating Auburn is like a sweet after taste,” the main thing is ” the knowledge of knowing that um we were able to do something that could benefit so many people.”
This is the second year that UGA is participating in the Red Cross Blood Battle against Auburn. The blood battle is taking place in the Memorial Hall Ballroom off of Hooper Street until Wednesday, April 6.

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