Jalen Gregory

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Jalen Gregory  grew up in Atlanta Georgia and attended Grady High School. During his high school years Jalen was involved in many school after school activities, from Chorus to SGA to the school’s magazine. From these experiences Jalen discovered he had a creative outlook and found that he would love to apply this creativity into journalism. Jalen realized that  attending the Grady College of Journalism  at the University of Georgia would help him be great and achieve his goals of being a writer for Rolling Stone. However after careful consideration Jalen realized writing may not be his best skill set. Jalen however did not see this problem as a problem but he saw it as an opportunity to find something better, early. Jalen decided Broadcast would be the field for him. He started volunteering his time at Grady’s News source program. Though he found News source difficult he enjoyed the challenge, and realized Broadcast Journalism would be the major for him.

Jalen doesn’t think his scholastic achievements and dreams describe him very well though. As Jalen is a big fan of music, and its various genres, he believes music and song can sometime describe a person better. Jalen states that the Joni Mitchell Classic “All I want” describes his life ambition well. In the song Joni sings ” I am on a lonely road and I am traveling.” Jalen states this line represents him as he is a only child with a small family and believes life is all about growth and finding  yourself while enjoying the view. Joni also sings the lyrics “Looking for the key to set me free,”  in the song. Jalen says this line resonates with him greatly as Jalen wants to be genuinely happy throughout his entire life more than anything else, and is currently looking for his own key!

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