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Football. Baseball. Swimming.

My name is John Durham and those three words fill up a typical spring day for me at The University of Georgia. I am a senior writer at The Red & Black student newspaper and I have had the opportunity of covering all three of those sports for the last two years that I have worked there. Whether I am getting a quote from Jacob Eason, sitting down with Olympic medalist Chase Kalisz or typing up an interview with Keegan McGovern, my days are filled with sports.

It was never my intention to pursue a degree as a sports journalist upon my arrival at Georgia, but thanks to guidance from family and friends, I decided to give it a try. My passion for covering all these sports comes from having played a majority of them at a young age.

Working in the world of sports has showed me how critical it is to be well rounded. As a result, I am attempting to get a second major in business here at Georgia to make myself more marketable once I graduate from college. I am also trying to branch out as a journalist. This summer I will be the managing editor of The Red & Black in an effort to gain a better understanding of a journalism institute outside of the sports world.

When I am not writing stories or studying, I enjoy watching Netflix, going out to eat in Athens and spending times with friends.

Here is a link to the 336 articles I have written at The Red & Black:


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