Kelly Quinn

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Why is there so much pressure when it comes to about me pages? I mean, for me, I feel like I have to show and tell my greatest life accomplishments and then some. I’m only a college student, so I’d say my greatest accomplishments comprise of keeping myself sane and fed–I’m still finding my way and building up my work. There’s so much I could tell a person about who I am and what I do, but I only have a few paragraphs to do it. So here’s a little about myself and a few things that make me, me.


At 20 years old, I have traveled to four continents and more than six countries.  I have stood at the epicenter of the Nile River, and I have seen the Eiffel Tower at night. From living in Los Angeles to studying in Athens, GA, I guess you could say I’m open to any environment. Traveling is a huge passion of mine. There is something about different people, different cultures and different perspectives that really influence my writing. If there is adventure, count me in.


I find fashion to be a lot like writing. You get to choose your pieces and put them together to create a work that you are proud of–its an expressive art. There is no one way to do it. Trends are always changing and that is why I am so fascinated by this industry.


It’s cliche I know, but that one saying that says something about you becoming your environment and the people you’re surrounded by is oh so accurate. I love meeting people; I love hearing their stories. Journalism has opened so many doors for me and created so many relationships. I’ve not only networked in this career, I have grown as an individual and learned from the old, the young and the undiscovered.


I wish I could pinpoint one characteristic, just one trait that is Kelly Quinn, but I am constantly adapting and changing to this fickle world we live in. So for now, I’m simply a student at the University of Georgia passionate about lifestyle, entertainment and the fashion worlds. You can find me behind the camera or typing away on a computer, but most of all, you can find me being indecisive as to where I want to go next because I always want to say yes. 



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