Nicholas Cordts

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Meet Nicholas Cordts; A guy who was forced to move so much that he decided to write a book about it.

Nick’s first home was great. He remembers having a spacious yard, and spending his weekends mountain biking with his father. He had a great group of friends, and was looking forward to starting 8th grade with them. But those dreams were crushed when his family decided to move to Massachusetts.

Nick’s second home was alright. He remembers having a small yard, and didn’t have the pleasure of going on many bike rides anymore. It was after this first move that Nick’s mom thought he should write a book about his moving experience. He reflected upon the whole year at his new school. He made friends, became class president, and got involved with numerous student leadership groups. The idea behind Nick’s book, entitled “On Moving, Moving On,” was to help kids and teens get through the challenges of moving. Not all kids handle that big life adjustment so well, and it was Nick’s goal to reassure those kids that moving wasn’t so bad. At 15 years old, Nick was a published author. At 16 years old, he moved again.

Nick’s third home was upsetting. He remembers having no yard, and living in tight quarters in a cramped Georgia apartment. Luckily he and his family didn’t stay there too long. You guessed it! He moved again.

After getting acquainted with a fourth, fifth and sixth home, Nick was happy to finally go off to college. He felt privileged to be accepted in to the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism. Nick gets to write to his heart’s content for all the feature stories and news packages that his professors assign. He works to refine his writer’s voice, and is hopeful to find a career in writing feature stories.

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