The Four-Legged Members of Georgia Equestrian

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The Georgia Equestrian team has a total of 65 team members, but the women on the team aren’t the only component that makes the team whole. Reporter Madison Beasley gives us the inside scoop on the other 57 members of the team: The horses.

This fella is just one of the 57 four-legged members of the equestrian team. If you go about 12 miles outside of the University of Georgia Campus you’ll find a quaint 109-acre farm that the six-time National Champion Georgia Equestrian team calls home. In fact, the human members of the team aren’t the ones who spend the most time here; it’s the four-legged ones.

With approximately 57 horses on the property, the team has a wide array of options when it comes to horses. The team is made up of four different disciplines, which is why there is such a need for so many horses on the property. Some of the horses have called 1171 Astondale Road home since it’s inaugural opening in 2009.

Some could say the horses live the lives of kings and queens. They receive farrier treatment, similar to pedicures for humans, around every 4-6 weeks. They also get a good grooming before every ride, which feels more like a massage to them.

With the pressure of such tough competition for the women on the team, the four-legged members remind them exactly why they got into riding in the first place: the love and passion for horses they’ve had since the beginning.

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