Where to Take Shelter During Severe Weather


With severe weather happening throughout the day, find out where to seek shelter across the University of Georgia campus.

North Campus

  • Baldwin Hall
  • Candler Hall
  • Caldwell Hall
  • Chapel
  • Leconte Hall
  • Main Library

West Campus

  • All Residence Halls

Central Campus

  • Fine Arts Building
  • Journalism Building
  • Memorial Hall
  • Park Hall
  • Psychology
  • UGA Bookstore

South Campus

  • Georgia Center
  • Myers Hall
  • Physics Building
  • Rutherford Hall
  • Snelling Dining Hall

Zell B. Miller Learning Center, Tate Student Center, and all dining halls (excluding Snelling) are not designated severe weather shelters. Reference the list to find a neighboring building to take shelter.

Cars can also be moved to different decks across campus to take shelter from hail: Tate Student Center Deck, North Campus Deck, South Campus Deck, East Campus Deck, and Carlton Street Deck.

View Campus Map here.

photo credit:  NOAA Photo Library

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