Hurricane Harvey and Livestock


Hurricane Harvey effected many humans, but the four legged residents of Texas such as cattle and horses were left to fend for themselves. Several animal rescue groups have sent supplies and trailers full of feed, shavings, halters, water buckets and more to help supply those who have lost everything.



Cows stranded in the hurricane floods.


In Charleston, South Carolina the carriage companies rallied together gathering supplies.  

A video of fire fighters saving a horse from rising waters can be seen here. 

With cows being the largest livestock in the Texas area, many had to learn how to swim. But did you know that cows are fantastic at treading water? Click here to see the video of the cows swimming to safety. 

Because many land animals are not accustomed to digesting salt or brackish water, stranded livestock are in a desperate situation in need of rescue before they become sick or dehydrated. The Quarter Horse News a list of all of the farms in the area that are able to help take animals in need of dry places. 

Horses were left in round pens to fend for themselves, and here is a video of a brave cowboy saving a terrified horse from the rising waters. 

Social media has played a large role for this storm.

Over the last few days, many people went to Twitter in hopes to get help, send help or just share photos about the storm. To take a look at a compilation of a few of these tweets, click here.  



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