Hurricane Harvey closes refineries, spikes gas prices


Hurricane Harvey racked up billions in damages. Harvey is also burning a hole in the pockets of citizens across the nation as gas prices continue to rise.

Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25, which marks a little over a week before Labor Day weekend. The hurricane might make traveling difficult for people who have strict budgets.

According to KCWY13, TripAdvisor took a survey with more than 2,100 respondents about the upcoming weekend. The survey found that 34 percent of the respondents are planning to travel for the holiday weekend and 63 percent of those traveling will be driving to their destinations.

The category 4 hurricane that ravaged areas of southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana caused the nation’s largest oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas to close due to a loss of power, leading to an increase in gas prices across the country.

AAA Gas Prices reports gas prices have jumped over 27 cents in the past week. In Georgia, the gas prices increased 10 cents overnight. The average for premium gas is over $3 a gallon. Regular gas in California is averaging for the same.

Courtesy: AAA Gas Prices

According to Gasbuddy the price of gas in Atlanta on Aug. 27 was $2.30 a gallon, which has now risen to $2.78 a gallon.

Courtesy: Gasbuddy

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