Alex Newberry

About Us

I was born on January 13th, 1994 in Macon GA. From the time I was in the 3rd Grade, I have always wanted to make films. My fascination with movies came the first time I saw The Lord of the Rings at my friend’s house.

The spectacle and amazing cinematography blew my mind; I had never seen anything like it before. So at the age of eight I started making home movies with my friends from school, and those who lived in my neighborhood. They weren’t great (in fact most were VERY bad) but we had fun making them, and towards the end we even got some awards at the Macon Film Festival.

This continued until college where I got my first paid work in the industry by working for Video Production Services in Valdosta GA. I was a camera operator for live stream sporting events in the area, and I directed a couple of events for them by the end. I kept working on the crew there for about 2 years, then I moved back to Macon GA.

When I moved back to Macon I got some work as Production assistant on the movie Born River Bye, after which I transferred to UGA and started going to school in The Grady College of Journalism. Since being in Athens I have learned a lot and really enjoy the experience of being at a big university like this. Grady can be challenging at times, but I’ve never doubted that it will be worth it in the end.

In the meantime, I have been working on several other projects, such as On the Edge of Normal Town, and the web series End of Life. I also worked on Verses, another web series, and the upcoming comedy short Tendr, Lovin’, Care. These days I mostly work as 2nd AC, but I do also produce my own web series called Project Sunset, which can be streamed anytime on Youtube.

Currently I work for BlackHall Studios in Atlanta, I’m in the camera department for a film shooting there from October 21st- 31st. However, I signed my NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) about a month ago so I can’t go in to very much detail about that one. I’m not the most interesting person you’ll ever meet, but I hope this has been an entertaining read.

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