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Hi, my name is Alex Eidson and as journalism major at the University of Georgia, I pride myself on being a storyteller.

Storytelling is a skill I have been working on my whole life even before I knew thats what I was doing. It was a daily ritual for me back in elementary school to walk in the building and tell everybody in class what happened on the last episode of Pokémon or how the Braves found a way to win (or more likely lose) the night before. I never realized it as a kid, but the only thing I love more than learning new things is running right back to my friends and telling them everything I just found out.

I enjoy turning a boring subject someone usually would turn their nose at into a captivating story that keeps listeners interested and makes them twice after hearing it. Little did I know, I was just beginning to build the skills I would be using for the rest of my life.

Throughout my collegiate career, I have done my best to make seemingly dull topics captivate the imagination of many. Somehow, I was able turn the founding of a small cable company in the 80s into a 20-page essay. I am someone who takes challenges head on and loves to show people how topics they would never normally think about relate to their day-to-day lives.

Now in my final year of college, I have a found a new, challenging subject with an intricate story that needs to be heard throughout the world: Data.

What do we do with Data? What do all these numbers mean? How can I understand it?

These are some questions that come up constantly, but if you look hard enough at the numbers, you can discover all sorts of secrets hiding in Excel spreadsheets. Some of the conclusions that can be drawn from data sources are often invisible to a naked eye looking on the surface a story. My goal is to become someone who can transform daunting documents full of data into a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end.

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