Kathryn Tuck

About Us

Writing has always been my passion. When I was eight years old I attempted to write a full mystery novel, and at the time I was quite convinced it would be a New York Times bestseller. I continued writing over the years, but I quickly found I was better suited to be a journalist than novelist.

I spent three years writing and editing for my school newspaper, The Sentinel. It was there I built the foundations for the rest of my career. I also found an interest in photography, which now is not only a hobby, but part of my job as a student journalist.

I love writing about politics. I’ve always been a news junkie and I’ve certainly never shied away from a political debate. I am studying Political Science, and find a lot of my story ideas from discussions in these courses. This writing has a lot of value to me because I am able to be more informed and feel more empowered through my work. As long term goals go, I hope to continue publishing and reaching larger audiences. As long as my work makes a difference, no matter how small or how large, I will be happy.

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