Caroline Perrott

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Ever since I can remember I had a stack of books a mile high in my room. Whether it was by choice or because my mother was an avid reader, this decorum choice eventually became mine. When I was no older than elementary school age, it was one of my hobbies to design, write and edit my own magazines. I called my new magazine “Glamorous,” giving it a letter from the editor and inspiration essay behind its creation. At the time, these activities were just something I enjoyed doing and I had no idea how telling it would be of my future decision to pursue the journalism field in college—but here we are!

My name is Caroline Perrott and I am a journalism major with a minor in communication studies at the University of Georgia. I went to high school in Gainesville, Georgia but have lived in a great number of other places. I am very driven, and like many other young people my age, I love to travel, having spent a summer au pairing in Italy all by myself.

Through Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I have refined my skills since my amateur magazine days, learning objectivity, reporting across platforms, multimedia production, communication law and how to navigate the dynamic journalism realm of our world today.

In my free time, I am quite an art history nerd and a very visual, creative person. I love design and satisfy my creative streak taking pictures for my VSCO, writing on my personal blog, painting and scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. I love music and have two younger brothers and two older brothers who all play an instrument, I am very close to my mom and I try every day to live a genuine life!

After school, I hope to find a job in the magazine industry where I can write about the culture and lifestyle of whatever city I end up in.

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