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Hello! My name is Catherine Green, and I am from Valdosta, Georgia,(a.k.a. TITLE TOWN USA). I came from my small hometown with hopes and dreams of finding my place in this big ole world. Coming to UGA was a big change in many aspects, but I have always been a fan of change. I was in a new place, I was surrounded by new people and I had a new goal in mind: figure out what I want to be when I grow up (which I still don’t know). After a few weeks into freshman year, Journalism fell into my lap.

My passion for Journalism and multimedia began when I was a youngin’ but became very real when I did a study abroad trip to Costa Rica. Not only did I fall in love with traveling, I fell in love with story-telling. I continued to travel every summer of my college career studying everything from photo-journalism, to travel writing to sustainability. All of my favorite places to travel have a beach. There is just something so peaceful and unforgiving about the ocean that makes me feel at home. Beaches aren’t the only things I love about traveling. I enjoy new cultures, new food, new people and new adventures.

Not only do I love traveling, but I LOVE my family. We are big and all spread out now, but they mean the most to me. I have an older sister, 24, an older brother, 26, and four step-sisters who are 29, 18, 16 and 15. I also have a niece who is my mini me, KloeeAnne. She looks like me, acts like me and constantly Facetimes me just to chat. I love going home just to visit my Kloee girl! Besides humans, my family has three weenie dogs, Stella, Lola and Peter VonSnugglesworth. Our family just wouldn’t be complete without our spoiled furry friends.

Currently: I am a fourth year student at the University of Georgia. Currently, I am pursuing a Journalism Degree from the Grady College of Journalism at UGA, and also a minor in Consumer Economics. I have a passion for photography, filmography and journalism. Hopefully I will get a job come May, but until then, GO DAWGS!

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