Nikki Weldon

About Us

Hi, I’m Nikki Weldon!

I came to the University of Georgia from Titletown, a.k.a. Valdosta, Georgia, in hopes of pursuing a career in sports journalism. Growing up in a town that revolved around “Friday Night Lights” made the passion I had for sports growing up much stronger. The broadcast world of sports and sports photography is something that interests me.

I’ve always wanted a career that would allow me to travel to different cities in the United States and countries around the world. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel around the world yet, because what college kid has the funds for that? The first trip I took out of the country was spring of 2017 when I went to the Bahamas.

Speaking of the Bahamas, the beach is my happy place. There’s something about the combination of sun, sand and water (and let’s not forget sunscreen) that relaxes me. Ocean photography and surf photography is something that really catches my eye. There’s a unique beauty in capturing a photo that completely stops a moment in time with such beautiful colors and effortless motion. I’d love to get my hands on equipment that would allow me to shoot.

When I’m not making plans to go on trips I don’t have the money for, I’m usually going to concerts, watching Netflix and hanging out with friends and family. Oh, and I can’t forget to introduce my two Italian Greyhounds, Skip and Diggy.


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