Instagram Stories: A New Branding Tool


With the launch of Instagram Stories, the app is changing the game in terms of how brands of all types are curating their brand and reaching their consumers.

Instagram launched it’s “snapchat-esque” story feature in August of 2016 with the intention of a middle ground between over posting and being able to share your memories with your audience. Just like snapchat, Instagram stories have a twenty-four hour time cap and disappear after the allotted time, the difference is in the amount of users on both applications.

In fact, According to Tom’s Guide, “Instagram Stories has already eclipsed its chief rival, with 250 million daily users using it for an average of 32 minutes per day, beating Snapchat‘s 173 million daily active users who use it for “more than 30 minutes” per day.”

Fashion brands and magazine publications, like Nylon which when completely digital after it’s October 2017 issue, have been using this tool to their advantage.

Brands are using Instagram stories to post “behind-the-scenes” content, at a fast, see-it-before-you-miss-it pace in order to get more readership. Mercedes-Benz says it had 5m more impressions than usual when it first posted a story showing how a shot for its main Instagram feed was put together. Beauty tycoon, L’Oréal uses the feature to post tutorial posts that are weekly reaching their 4.1 million followers on Instagram, creating a new type of interactive communication between the company and their consumers. In a 2016 article posted by The Guardian, it describes L’oreal’s “1.5 million” followers, now looking at their number which has almost tripled since the Instagram Story release.

Right here in our local Athens community, downtown boutiques are reflecting the same trend as high-end fashion labels and publications. Katie Jacobs, owner and founder of Cheeky Peach boutique uses Instagram Stories to showcase the new fashions.

“We use (post) an Instagram Story at least five times a day,” says Jacobs. We set it up like a mini tv show, I feel like I am talking one-on-one with my costumers. I show them the new items that come in, a lot of times I have a model with me.”

Jacobs said that her following on Instagram went up 20%  and the engagement on social increased dramatically with the introduction of Instagram Stories.

“Part of why our brand is so successful is because it is rooted in social media,” adds Jacobs. “It is just so easy for girls to a, relate to us on a more personal level and b, simply swipe up if they see something they want to purchase.”

Other brands in Athens have been utilizing Instagram Stories as well. Riley Muse, president of student run organization, PRSSA uses Instagram stories to increase their membership numbers.

“We use Instagram Stories as a brand because, (in my opinion) it is more professional than Snapchat,” stated Muse.

The John E. Drewry Chapter is the largest PRSSA chapter in the world with 250 active members.

“Our numbers for attendance have gone up, because we are able to get the word out more,” says Muse, “We always post our event and time and over 700 people watch it daily.”

For more information on how to use Instagram Stories to create your brand checkout this Pinterest Board for tips, insights and tricks.

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