Dog Helps UGA Student Live With Narcolepsy


DanielleRolloMeet Danielle, her little sister Gianna, and service dog Rollo. Danielle is a freshmen at the University of Georgia, and Rollo is constantly by her side. Danielle lives with narcolepsy, meaning she has a lack of the chemical hypocritain in her briain. Hypocritan activates the Sleep and Wake cycle. Lacking this, Danielle stays exhausted all day long. But Rollo watches over her 24/7.


It’s important that Rollo always stays on alert, because Danielle also has Cateplexi, which means she can collapse at anytime. This can happen if she does something like laugh too hard or become frightened. Attending a big university might not have been possible for her if it were not for Rollo.


Rollo’s yellow vest means he is on duty. When the vest comes off, he knows he can take a little break. Like all other working dogs Rollo Does get a play time.


Rollo was matched with Danielle by personality and energy level. You could say they are perfect playmates!


There is currently no cure for narcolepsy. Danielle will live with the condition for the rest of her life. Rather than be dejected, her situation has inspired her to pursue studies in Commincation Science and Disorders. Danielle hopes to help others like her. In the meantime, she has made a special friend in her pup Rollo.

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