Hidden Streams Reveal Big Hearts


By: Paul AndresenLake_Herrick

As students trek across the robust terrain of the University of Georgia, they may notice many of the beautiful landscape features that have become synonymous with the campus. The looming pine trees scattered throughout, the Founder’s Garden nestled in North campus, and even the secluded study spot surrounding the fountain at the end of Herty Field are all sources of pride for the school.

But, one major aspect of the surrounding environment that often goes unseen, plays a major role in maintaining the ecological balance of the local landscape.

The watersheds and streams that surround the campus are a key factor in maintaining the “living laboratory” atmosphere that has been adopted for the UGA campus.

Tanyard Creek, which flows by the Bolton Dining commons, and Lake Herrick, located near the Intramurals Deck in South Campus, are just two of the area of focus for the group Watershed UGA, which is a collective of students, professors, and volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to ensure the preservation of these watershed areas.

In celebraton of Earth Week, Watershed UGA has teamed with Sustainable UGA to put on events to bolster student involvement with these preservation groups.

Cleaning up Tanyard Creek and collecting pH test samples by the Lamar Dodd School of Art are just a few of the many events put on throughout Earth Week.


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