Terry Women’s Initiative


At a time when the fight for women’s equality is getting more and more heated, one group of business students is helping to strengthen the cause at UGA.

The Terry College of Business houses 25% of undergaduates at UGA, but less than half of those students are women. Many believe this has to do with the competitive culture that is natural to many business programs. That is exactly why the Terry Women’s Initiative has begun hosting events designed to teach and empower young women looking to further their careers. Azra Bandali, the Initiative’s head coordinator, says that with the right skills women will feel more comfortable in their classrooms.

“That’s why we want to build confidence, is making sure that women are speaking up within their classes – not feeling that, oh, for example, my finance class is 30 boys and 2 girls, ya know. You kinda feel like the outlier. We don’t want them to feel like that.”

The group doesn’t even take record of its members. This way, Azra says, visitors focus solely on the help they’re getting and not what goes on their resumes. Furthermore, all events are open to men and women of all majors.

“At the end of the day, our objective is just to transfer knowledge and enhance confidence through competence, and our events are genuinely just us trying to help people grow professionally and personally. And I think that is what helps students outside their college career.”

Events are RSVP only, and a schedule of these is available on the Terry College website.


Written by Connor Gruver

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